Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Artchutney.Com: Yati Jaiswal's Solo Show begins 12th February 2010

Artchutney.com is proud to present a solo show by KAVA4 award winning Delhi based artist.

Who - Yati Jaiswal

When - 12th February 2010

Where - www.artchutney.com

Why - Yati Jaiswal's work reflects mature elements of surrealism and a technical expertise that few are able to muster at such a young age. His style has evolved around conglomeration of objects and organic forms of life that reflect how things have become more important and integral than the people who produce them.

Art Bengaluru 2010

Artchutney.com in collaboration with UB City will execute Art Bengaluru. Art Bengaluru will try and position itself as South India’s premier festival for contemporary art. Creating an environment for artists that reverberates with evocative portrayals of personal expression is the foundation around which Art Bengaluru drapes itself. With sponsors who give time, energy and resources to pursue their conviction that art is a celebration of life, Art Bengaluru enables the artist to exist, communicate and fill the location that he was meant to embrace with a visual vocabulary,- and to move beyond space into time.

Art Bengaluru is an idea based on the limitless synergies of art, culture and society, and on the intrinsic fluidity of creativity. The gallery must present the art as the artist conceives it, with integrity and truth. The aficionado must engage with and interpret the art as he sees fit. And the patron must nurture, nourish and provide succor to the art to preserve it for cultural posterity and enjoyment.

The venue for Art Bengaluru 2010 is UB City in the central business district of Bangalore. Art displayed in this magical space enhances aesthetic awareness and is a sensory delight to the viewer. UB City provides a setting conducive to the contemplation of art. With a large car parking space, the creators of Art Bengaluru seek to forge an unfettered, stimulating and serene ambience for the viewing audience. Art Bengaluru invites artists, art galleries, sponsors, educational institutions and volunteers to contribute to this event. Art Bengaluru is looking forward to all your support in realising its vision to position itself as the premier art event in Bangalore. Please contact us through telephone/fax at 080 4113 7506/912, email at contact@artbengaluru.com or visit our website at www.artbengaluru.com.

*The first edition of Art Bengaluru is open to participation from galleries based in Karnataka only. Art Bengaluru is an event organised by Artchutney.com in association with UB City.

To announce the launch of Art Bengaluru, the organizers placed an advertisement in The Collection magazine (Volume 1- Issue 4)
and in Art India magazine (Volume 14- Issue 3- Quarter 3)