Tuesday, July 2, 2013

N. Ramachandran's work at VARICOLORED (Artchutney.com's group show of paintings & sculptures): Begins 5th July, 2013

Acclaimed artist N. Ramachandran's art 'Untitled (re-mix)' will be on display at 'Varicolored', Artchutney.com's next group show.

The artist on his work:

"Mind celebrates events, things, experiences... celebration takes many manifestations...

In Indian culture, human body is celebrated in various ways. Silparatna/ Silpasastra celebrates human’s form for it's dimension, Natyasastra celebrates human body for it's movement and so on...

These works are a product of the ‘visual celebration’ of our culture, aesthetics, time, and technology in a contemporary context.

I had made use of some illustrations/ text of icons from the Silpasastra where the aesthetics and dimensions of the human body are dealt in depth and detail. And also have used cool club-remix design, newspapers, flashy florescent colours and gold to represent the present time I am in. The florescent colours at the sides of the work is deliberately done to highlight/ connect to the context of the ‘aura’ of the content."

N. Ramachandran's work will be on display at Artchutney.com's next group show which begins 5th July, 2013 at Taj West End/ Bengaluru.

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